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Reprinted from New Jersey Top Dentists Magazine

Local Periodontist To Display Drawings and Paintings at Morristown Medical Center

MORRISTOWN, N.J. — Dr. David Goteiner, a Chester-based periodontist and artist, will display selected drawings and paintings at a solo art exhibit from Aug. 4 through Sept. 14 at Morristown Medical Center. The exhibit is the latest in a series sponsored by the Women’s Association of Morristown Medical Center.

Goteiner has selected 34 pieces that will be displayed in the main corridor of the Medical Center (Madison 1). Part of the proceeds of the art show will go to the Woman’s Association of Morristown Medical Center.

Two of the pieces are Rendevous and Venezia. Rendevous is a painting of a Norwegian three-masted training schooner plying the North Sea on its way to a meeting with mythical creatures. Venezia is a study in light and shadows on Ria de la Vesta, Canal of the Tailors. It portrays a typical scene from Venice that disappears just as it captures your heart.

Born in Mannheim, Germany, Goteiner came to this country as a baby and developed a love for the arts at an early age. In 1982, he met highly regarded painter Anatoly Ivanov, then a recent immigrant from Russia. From then on, he has pursued his passion to paint and has continued to study with Ivanov.

Not all of Goteiner’s art is on a canvas. He is a practicing periodontist who sees patients in Chester. He received his dental and specialty training at Columbia and Harvard universities. His work restoring teeth and gums is, itself, a form of artistry. He also teaches at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in Newark. He lives in Sunset Lake with his wife, Carrie.

More information about Goteiner’s periodontal practice and samples of his artwork can be found at www.artofperio.com or by calling (908) 879-7709.

Community Service Awards


Volunteerism and community participation are important for maintaining a thriving community. This is a lesson that should be learned early by the students in our community.

To encourage students to take a responsible place in their community, Dr. Goteiner and his wife, Carrie, sponsor Community Service awards for a graduating senior from each of West Morris, Mendham, Randolph, Roxbury and Hackettstown high schools. The recipient is someone who gives of him or herself by participating in community service. The award is a $200 savings bond.

The selection criteria are simple:

  1. The winner should be a student who does not seek recognition.

  2. The student should demonstrate the highest standards of honesty and reliability.

  3. The student should exemplify the citizen who cares for and contributes to his or her community through action.

Schools nominate students from among those recommended by fellow students. The nomination process simply involves filling out a form and mailing it to Dr. Goteiner by April 1 of each year. If a school gives award winners a special certificate, that certificate is completed. Otherwise, Dr. Goteiner provides a certificate.

Over the past few years the Observer Tribune has been writing articles on the recipients. Articles have been posted HERE.

Please send website comments or questions to feedback@artofperio.com.